Our Vision


Centre for Satsang, Meditation, Yoga and Inner Work

Financed by a Guesthouse, Seminar Business, Bodywork, 
Open Sky Press, Flow Fine Art Gallery, Online Services


to the Heart

Diverse Spiritual Practices to Connect Deeper

Meditation, Yoga, Mantra Singing, Heart dance, Tantra


our Love

Everybody is invited to our Oasis

We regularly organise Retreats, Weekends and Spiritual Meetings

An Essential Part of our Centre will be a Creative School for Children

Our Projects and Activities

Centre for Satsang

Satsang and Retreats with John David. Daily Yoga and Meditation. Program for guests and volunteers.

Open Sky Press

We published more than 30 Spiritual Books and Films in more than 6 languages, which are distributed worldwide.

Yoga and Meditation

The Spacious Garden allows us to create beautiful outdoor areas for Spiritual Practice.

Yurt: Creative School

A Conscious Space in which children can unfold in their Natural Ways and enjoy Free Play-based learning.

Mantra Concerts

Chanting ancient Mantras is a powerful way to Open the Heart. We offer public concerts


Dancing and Singing bring us into a strong flow of Open Hearted Energy and Joy. 


New Rooms are being built for the Guesthouse.
15 Rooms with ensuite bathrooms and a total of 40 beds. 

Seminar House

We will expand our Seminar House. Many already enjoy the Beautiful Villa and garden.

Spiritual Retreat Center

The Peaceful Energy Field  supports Spiritual Retreats.  We will offer regular Weekends and Retreats. 

Flow Fine Art Gallery

Our passion for Art attracts brilliant painters and sculptors, Who create from an inner place of stillness and silence. 

Online Services

Our new online business is taking off: creating stunning web-sites for businesses and improving their SEO. 


In our bodywork sessions we give conscious and loving touch, out of the heart and from inner peace. 


Be Part of Building YOUR New Spiritual Oasis 

On the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, easily accessible from Valencia’s and Alicante’s International Airports, we are developing a Vision together: a Non-Profit Retreat Centre and New Spiritual Oasis in a Villa just outside of Denia. It is sublimely situated between a Maritime Reserve and Mountain Montgo National Park.

Since October 2020, a team of dedicated Open Sky House Community Residents and Volunteers have poured much Love and Energy into Restoring, Transforming and Beautifying the Open Sky Villa. It is already open, but the many necessary improvements and expansions are planned to be finished by Autumn of 2022.

The lush tropical garden and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea make this a perfect place for creating a new Conscious Way of Living together.

The New Oasis is for:

  • Spiritual Seekers taking part in Retreats, Workshops and Meetings.
  • Volunteers who want to help develop the project and experience Community Life.
  • New Community Residents who want to embrace a deeper connected way of living.
  • Businesses and Seminar Leaders for Conscious Workshops and Team Building.
  • Holiday guests who want to enjoy a Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere.