The Bigger Picture

How the Oasis Contributes to the World

The reality of Climate Change is that unless we make really Drastic Changes, it may actually already be too late. We have pushed our Planet’s Ecosystem into a Tipping Point where it could easily collapse. What is most essential for saving ourselves and the planet is to develop Self-Awareness. This means to become fully Aware of our Inner Essential Nature which guides our Intentions and Actions.

The normal condition of human beings today is the sense of lacking something, a sense of not being fulfilled. Out of this we develop all kinds of strategies to compensate and the Modern Society is supporting these strategies: getting a a new car, new clothes, tasting new food or finding a new partner. 

We are cutting down the Amazon Rainforest to get timber for our furniture, and often consume far beyond what we actually need. We take planes to distant location to go for vacation because we need a break from our Daily Life in which we are very familiar with stress and the sense of feeling incomplete. 

So, we have to become Aware of these Tendencies of the Mind which are activated when we feel a lack of something, and then fundamentally question this sense of unfulfillment. In this way we can actually discover a Deeper Place Inside, a source of Authentic Peace and Love. If we live from that place, we will not consume in a mindless manner or feel lost, but live with a sense of Compassion to the world around us and other beings. 

Most importantly there is the potential for us to connect to the Deep Peace inside and be ready to Accept each moment as it comes, to live in a Natural Flow, content with what is already there. 

To support us all on this journey to our True Nature, we want to create an Oasis, a Space for Self-Discovery.

On this journey we need to confront strong things inside, often based on Traumatic Memories and connected with our ego survival mechanisms. Letting go of this is not easy, it makes us very vulnerable. Therefore, the support of an Unconditionally Loving and Caring Community of people provides vital help. 

This is what we urgently need; Healthy Communities of people to support Healthy Families and Healthy Children. Our Community is a tiny little start, an Oasis of Conscious Living rippling into the world. 

We hope creating a New Spiritual Oasis will inspire and support more people to start this inner journey of Self-Discovery; for the sake of Yourself, the People around you and even our Planet itself.