21st Century Buddha

“The next Buddha might not take the form of an individual.
The next Buddha may take the form of a Community.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

We are an International Community with a Shared Intention:

To find out Who We Really Are. Beyond societal ideas. Beyond our self image. 

  • A Spiritual Community which has been thriving for 17 years.

  • Over the last years we have created a Strong and Loving Energy Field, which has helped hundreds of people to find Love and Peace Inside. 

  • Bringing more Peace into the world through Inner Work: Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Satsang Meetings and Creative Workshops 

  • Publishing Spiritual Books and Films and holding regular Retreats in Germany, Spain, Ukraine and India

  • Developing Conscious Businesses: Guesthouse, Seminar Centre, Bodywork, Online SEO & Webdesign, Publishing Company and an Art Gallery. The Business Profit supports the Residents’ daily life as well as buying the New Oasis.

  • You can visit us as a Guest, Contribute as a Volunteer, participate in a longer Retreat, or join us as a Community Resident.

Together we Create and Share

A Loving and Nurturing Energy field to Support Everybody’s Awakening

A Lively International Community to Discover New Potentials 

An example for a New Humanity, living in Peace and Love, in Harmony with Nature


We invite you to visit us. 
We invite you to become Still.
We invite you to Be As You Are.