Invest in inner Love and Peace

We are seeking 

90.000 € in Donations to Upgrade the Property

200.000 € in Loans towards the Purchase of the Villa

We want to buy Open Sky Villa in Denia, Spain

Help make this Vision become reality by giving loans, donating and spreading the word

Give a loan: 1,5% interest rate over 10 years

Give a gift: Donate €100, €500, €1000, €5000 or any amount that your heart desires. If you prefer to contribute offline, you can contact us at . 


We will receive all such donations with much Love and Appreciation. 


Help Spread the Word: Post the Campaign on your Facebook and other Social Media pages and forward it to your community. Your help is invaluable to the success of the Campaign!

I would like to support the Open Sky Villa
with a Loan